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Refund Policy

At NGScience, all purchases of our online science learning platform and services are considered final. However, we strive to ensure a high-quality user experience and may consider providing refunds or extensions at our sole discretion under certain circumstances.

Non-Refundable Purchases
As a general policy, we do not offer refunds for any subscription fees or additional service/product purchases made on NGScience. All payments are non-refundable from the date of purchase.

Potential Exceptions
While refunds are not guaranteed, we may review refund requests or provide subscription extensions on a case-by-case basis in the event of exceptional circumstances which disrupted your ability to access or use NGScience as intended.

To request consideration for a refund or extension, please contact our support team at [email protected] with a detailed explanation and any relevant documentation. Our team will review your request and respond accordingly.

Please note that the decision to issue a refund or extension is at NGScience’s sole discretion. Even if a refund or extension is granted, access may be immediately terminated.

Refund Exclusions
Refunds will not be provided in cases of misuse, abuse, or unauthorized sharing/access in violation of our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right to deny requests in any cases of suspected fraud.

Changes to Policy
This Refund Policy may be modified by NGScience at any time. Please review it periodically. If you have any other questions, contact [email protected].

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