Piracy and Copyright

At Next Generation Science (NGScience), the creation of every educational product embodies the meticulous efforts and expertise of world-class educators, authors, editors, and countless dedicated professionals. The result is a set of truly impactful learning materials that resonate with quality and excellence.

Unfortunately, the educational landscape has been marred by the growing prevalence of counterfeit print products and the unauthorized utilization of pirated digital materials. These fraudulent resources compromise the quality of education, putting students at risk with content that may be incomplete or entirely incorrect. Without the safeguards ensured by authorized materials, the authenticity of education is eroded, leading students down a path of misinformation.

Beyond the risk to the integrity of education, pirated eBooks and unauthorized digital materials expose students to potential malware attacks and legal sanctions from educational institutions. These risks extend further, threatening not just individual learners but the broader economy. The illegal distribution of copyrighted materials undermines the economic structure and jeopardizes the livelihood of the hard-working individuals committed to improving education.

All content provided by Next Generation Science (NGScience) is the copyright 2023 of Blue Ring Media Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries. Should you have any inquiries regarding the use of our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in ensuring that your experience with Next Generation Science (NGScience) is both enriching and compliant with our standards.

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